Melbourne based illustrator.Primarily a print artist with works heavily influenced by pop-culture, queer themes and the fantasy genre.Here are examples of my work & merch available at my table as well a look through my display and Artist Alley experiences!See more of my work on my socials as well as contact information below!

I have always loved Artist Alley. The creative community space that Artist Alley provides is so valuable, a place for artists to express themselves, a place for nerds to be nerds!I began tabling in 2022, my first convention being Melbourne's OzComic-Con. It was an incredible experience and I felt so inspired to continue to table! I have grown a lot since then as an artist, expanding upon my work, and have since attended many more conventions such as Christmas OZCC and Dreamhack, to name a few local conventions. I have even been fortunate enough to attend interstate conventions such as Sydney's 2023 SMASH! and Canberra OZCC.I am very much looking forward to this year's convention season. Every convention fuels me to continue to grow and bring more to my table for the next one!SEE BELOW FOR A FOLIO OF MY ARTWORK

D&D / Fantasy Character Art Book